Monday, September 18, 2006

Site Map : A Road Map to Search Engine

Site Map is basically a road map to search engines to crawl your site deeply. To rank your site high on different searchable keyphrases, it is necessary to make your site fully crawlable. A site map is a page that contains a basic link to every page of the website. Site map should contain a logical linking order of web pages . Site map provides a good site navigation system to each page in the site to site users. In dynamic sites the site map can provide a site structure to search engine to crawl even the dynamic pages. Link reputation is one of the important factors in SEO. Site map can be used to provide link reputation to a particular web page. Site map is not only a fantastic solution to offer a road map to search engines to spider and index each and every page of the web site but also an important SEO tool.
Topic Tag : Site map, Search engine crawling, Search engine optimization