Thursday, August 11, 2016

5 Hacks of Competitive Social Media Marketing Beyond 2016

5 Hacks of Competitive Social Media Marketing Beyond 2016
Social Media Marketing is a steady stair to help you touch the extreme in the challenging marketing environment. Everyone is using social media to address the target audience; so, finding the prominent space to highlight the products and services with distinction becomes tough unless you adopt a different and smart strategy. Following five hacks will help you use social media networking in a smart way even after 2016:
  1. Make Social Media Marketing Focused:
    Fine-tune your message according to the specific audience, particular objective, posting space and posting time. Furnish the peculiar information for your clients that they expect from you for being a trustworthy source. Define and justify every SMM activity in the line of particular objective clearly marked in marketing policy.
  2. Free Yourself from Trap of Top Ranking Social Media Platforms:
    Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc are the popular social media platforms; and, most marketers use these social media channels intensively. You need a different route to win the race. Blow out trumpet on other social media platforms also that are gaining popularity among the young mobile users. Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, Flickr etc are the good social networking sites that may help you reach to the wider section of the target audience.
  3. Break The Jail of 140-Characters on Twitter:
    Do not confine yourself to the standard 140 characters limit of Twitter; ‘Tall Tweets’ facilitates to post longer messages. Actually, Tall Tweets app slices your tweets into numbers of smaller tweets in 140 characters limit. Also, do not use Twitter just as the text-only platform; add value to your posts by inserting a photo with the link. Stunning visual takes your update long way attracting more Twitterati.
  4. Involve Influencers In Your Social Media Activities:
    Giving concern to all the influencers is often a great miss even by the experienced marketers. Involving trade influencers in your social media marketing activities is an important tactic to know what you need to improve. You must respect the criticism but do not shape up the suggestions unless you find them genuine and in the line with your business goals.
  5. Analyze the content strategy
    The importance of content is increasing with every passing year. Your ‘brand-oriented’ quality content strategy should be effective to convince the potential buyers. Like others, do not join the ‘blind race’ of posting keywords- stuffed content. The ranking is important but you need more visitors convinced to make the purchase. Content enriched with visuals and smartly created infographics adds convincing power to your brand’s presence in digital space.

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