Monday, October 10, 2016

Semantic Core for your website to improve online visibility

Businesses face competition; and, to be in race you always have to after the new practices to draw more visitors to their website. Surely, they need something 'extra' to convert the visits into the deal. Semantic Core, relatively a new term, provides that extra edge to your business activities making your brand more visible, popular and impressive. Although Semantic Core is related with enhanced visibility of online presence but it is different than SEO. We at Samyak Online Services Pvt. Ltd.- New Delhi offer customized Semantic Core design and implementation services to deliver much needed boost to brand image, enquiries, responses and conversion ratio.
Serious SEO firms believe that shades of popularly used words and phrases may create considerable difference to traffic. Yes, it is. If we strategize our SEO to cover all the related words and phrases, it would be hard to meet out the desired results. Practical and cost effective solution comes from Semantic Core that we offer with excellence and proven difference. At Samyak Online Services Pvt. Ltd, a leading SEO company in India, Semantic Core creation is not the practice of finding and listing the popular search terms through automatic tools like Google Adwords; we invest best manual efforts and skills to list out the supportive but missing from the focus search terms.

Semantic Core Development with Pinpoint Focus

Our Semantic Core strategy covers all the possible aspects of online searches. To make the Semantic Core development accountable, we have subcategorized the activities:
  • Determine the frequent search terms drawing traffic to your website
  • Identify the terms drawing traffic to your competitors' website
  • Gather and analyze the shortlisted search terms
  • Include the probable keywords and synonyms according to demographic practices
  • Remove the non-delivering keywords
  • Categorize the keywords
  • Create new web pages to support the new keywords, phrases and terms
  • URL Mapping - After determining and categorizing the keywords, we would like them to rank in the search engines. The next step is to map those keywords to main web page or to internal pages.
  • Review of existing web content and structure.
We have dedicated experienced search engine analysts for Semantic Core Development who are aware of techniques, trends and needs in particular business niche.


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