Monday, November 28, 2016

Do You Use Lesser Important Keywords To Generate Traffic & Potential Leads?

SEO starts with intensive efforts for strategic keywords research and picking up 10-20 keywords out of top ranking keywords that look more promising in the line of the business trait. More than 80% SEOs and online marketers follow the same exercise and they are doing the same for over the years. It means, the majority of SEO Experts fights for the better ranking of almost similar keywords. Doesn’t it make the fight intense and more competitive with uncertainty about the expected success? To perform outclass with competitive excellence, you need a differently smart strategy focused on less important keywords to harnessing the traffic and high potential leads.

Reports confirm that the popular keywords and search terms that cost more for PPC are just the 30% of total search terms/keywords. The majority of overall search volume consists of long tail phrases influenced by the local users’ segment and language. The 2- 4 words phrases are less competitive; these are used only by the serious buyers who want the specific information to finalize the deals. By using less competitive keywords you may get less traffic but whatsoever traffic you get has high leads conversion potential. The chances to get the first-page rank are high by using less competitive keywords/terms because less competitors target these phrases/keywords. The use of less competitive keywords for PPC costs you less. So, you can get the traffic and high potential leads at the less cost and also with lesser efforts provided you succeed to pick up widely used search terms by potential buyers. The following tips will help you to ‘get, set and go’ with low-cost keywords with high ROI:
  • Focus on long tail keywords related to products / services niche. As per study by Statista, 50% SEO efforts should be dedicated to long tail phrases. For example – Top SEO company, low cost SEO services  etc.   
  • Broad matching of keywords targets a wide range of relevant keywords.  
  • Include the words in target search terms that are more used by the mobile users. 
  • Localized the target keywords / phrases by adding location
Are You Using RO Water Purifiers in Right Way?
The concern for the quality drinking water is growing because of the several published reports about the contaminated supplied water. Using RO water machine of is the most viable and affordable solution. RO water users are increasing fast but most of RO water users neglect the 3/4 quantity of water going as waste. Yes, RO filter water quantity that we use is just the 1/4th of total water; rest goes to drainage. The habit to use waste water for irrigating and washing like needs saves electricity bills also.  Should not we use this waste water to be the proud contributor to ‘National Water Mission’? By doing this we can help conserve water not for us but for the generation to come.
The sum and substance is using the resources lesser keyword in SEO and waste water in RO can save you on both fronts. So, Act Smartly, Save Smartly.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you for such a insightful article. I normally use scrapebox to get long tail keywords, and most of my visitor also come from long tail searches. For beginner in SEO like me, long tail keyword is the simplest way to build visitors.

10:00 PM  
Blogger abhi2311992 said...

Yes Long Tail keywords and Lesser Importants Keywords gave More Traffic and also Generate Leads.

10:19 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

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