Thursday, January 05, 2017

Schema Markup: A Powerful SEO Technique to Improve Website Ranking

Schema markup is an innovative concept to improve SEO results; it is powerful yet least used. The successful application of Schema Markup delivers a surprising boost to ranking in SERPs. If you are struggling to get satisfactory SEO results, apply Schema Markup. The following details about Schema Markup will help you do so.

What is Schema Markup?
Schema markup is a coding process applied to your business website that helps the search engines to deliver more informative search results. Schema Markup tells the search engines about the objective and relevance of web content. Although Schema Markup exists for years but very few websites are found powered with semantic vocabulary in microdata format; therefore, it is a less known opportunity to improve your online presence. The excellent power to influence the search engines and to improve the ranking comes by adding vocabulary to HTML code.
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