Thursday, February 23, 2017

5 Reasons To Make Mobile Customers Your Focus Group

5 Reasons To Make Mobile Customers Your Focus Group
Collecting different opinions from a focus group of probable users of a yet to be launched product is a widely followed practice to determine the success rate of the new launch. However, the effectiveness of analyzed reports based on collected opinions depends upon several factors including the size of the focus group, experience of using similar products, presentation of new product etc. Numbers of probable buyers of new products change their opinion after using the products. Surveying over a large focus group representing all the social segments is a time consuming and complex task with low reliability of outcome. Following five reasons imply that why you should make the mobile customers your focus group to conduct surveys about the new products:
1. The majority of probable users is easily available on mobile rather than on desktops; so, knowing their opinions in a quick move is easier than following the traditional practice of using mails, mailers or personal interaction at common places.
2. When you pick the mobile users from your database, it means that they are already using your products and have a clear opinion about the quality standards. Their unbiased opinion has balanced blend of experience and expectations.
3. By including the mobile customers in your focus group, you can expand the scope of the survey by including more questions. In addition, you can expand your database of mobile customers using your app.; and the collected personal information can be used to create the separate groups of loyalists, detractors, and passives.
4. By using the survey app strategically in a planned way, you can expedite the process by collecting hundreds of responses in short period that too without being much engaged. However, the objective oriented response depends upon the quality of questions.
5. Comparatively, mobile customers respond more to the surveys because they do it whenever they are relaxed and free from their professional tasks; so, you get more responses from fewer efforts.
Convincing the audience about the safe usage of their opinions, purpose of survey and importance of their opinions is a good practice to improve the response rate. Hiring an efficient Social Media Marketing to spread a word around about the survey and to encourage the audience to participate is also a good tactic. Sharing the way of using the collected feedbacks for the clients’ oriented objective also expands the community of loyal buyers.


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