Monday, August 21, 2017

Phantom- V & Fred Google’s Algorithm : The Secrets You Need To Know

Phantom- V & Fred Google’s Algorithm : The Secrets You Need To KnowGoogle rolled out two new algorithm updates in two consecutive months – February and March 2017, this time too, not much information was shared on digital platforms. The sudden ranking drop in April 2017 made the SEO experts restless to find the reason; the findings of Phantom Algorithm update (February 7, 2017) and Fred Algorithm Update (March 8th, 2017) cleared the clouds of uncertainties. Now, when both the updates have been rolled out completely and the websites have experienced maxim shift in ranking, you need to know all about Phantom (2017) and Fred to retain and better the ranking.

Google’s Phantom (2017) – Say it Phantom-V Update: 

Google’s Gary Illyes confirms that Phantom (Feb- 2017) update is a Core Algorithm update.  Now when everything seems settled well, several analytical reports about the loser and gainers are appearing. The most interesting common fact is that the traffic on the majority of Phantom hit websites remained almost unaffected despite the considerable loss in ranking. It means the intention of rolling out Phantom-V update is to connect the searches with desired answers. For example, YouTube’s traffic increased after the release of Phantom-V but the drop in ranking was something to get attention. Solution: The deadly weapon to fight back with Phantom-V is to serve the information that the searchers need.

Fred Algorithm Update (March 8th, 2017):
Fred Algorithm Update was rolled out on March 8th, 2017; like others updates, this one too hit the websites slowly during the period of a couple of months. Now after three months of unconfirmed acceptance about Fred’s rolling out, the major finding reflects that the websites having poor quality content got more ranking penalty; even some websites having too many ads with wrapped around content experienced up to 90% drop in visibility. The second category of websites, penalized heavily by Fred, was found having the content stuffed with affiliate links of websites dealing in diverse products/ services. In other words, Fred algorithm update was rolled out to control the practice of spam content marketing without any value from users’ perspective. Solution: The best approach to retain the lost ranking after Fred algorithm release is to add value to the content being distributed to connect the target audience.

Phantom-V and Fred both the algorithms are rolled out to penalize the websites with poor quality and non-valuable content that doesn’t serve the purpose of searchers. We still have four months of 2017; therefore, update the content as quick as possible to welcome the next content oriented update with open heart.

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