Friday, November 23, 2018

Seven Ways to Optimize Blogging for Better SEO

Almost 60% businesses have a blog portal but 65% of blog owners don’t update the posts even in one year. Everyone having online business presence knows the importance of blogging but very few use it properly to improve SEO results. Are you also the one feeling down with the low gains of blogging to support SEO efforts? Go through the following seven simple hacks and experience the power of blogging for SEO yourself:  
1. Create A Connecting And Compelling Name For Blog
The blog name should be descriptive; it should denote the business nature besides containing key SEO keyword. Optimization of blog theme drives in incremental organic traffic.    
2. Blog For Specific Audience
The blog posts created with keywords for the particular readers deliver better results. The posts about hot topics in trade make the target audience royal followers giving your portal more clicks; the built up trust turns them in to easy buyers.    
3. Use Effective URLs
Yes, complicated URLs adversely affect the SEO results. The effective short and descriptive URL is good for blog visitors and marketers both. Inclusion of ‘blog’ in URL simplifies the traffic tracking for particular activity. Avoid using the words like and, but, or etc.  
4. Optimize The Blog Content Regularly
Recycling is good for SEO as it is for environment. By optimizing the existing blog posts you can reduce the cost of new content creation. Linking previous post to the latest post is a good tactic to make the older post relive. You might have generated new web pages; link these pages to blog posts with title and meta- tags holding the same keywords.      
5. Fill The Gaps In Blog Content
SEO is done for several keywords; the collective performance of all the keywords drives the success. The posts using high-priority SEO phrases should be your priority.
6. Use Optimized Media
Images and videos add engaging power to your blog posts with descriptive alt tags. The interesting and unique media keep the visitor stayed for longer; the longer stay period improves the chances of making purchases and revisiting. The optimized media improves SEO gains also.
7. Use Structured Data Markup
John Mueller states that the structured data markup affects the SERPs more than the displays. The structured data markup helps the search engines to understand the content of particular page. Structured data markup makes it more effective to communicate the key information about a business, web page or product/service.
Concluding Note:
Blogging is being used for years the support the SEO efforts but optimized blogging needs the professional support. The leading SEO companies offer exclusive blogging services also to help the businesses utilize their blogs as a SEO tool for better results.

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